I’m breaking the rules again; posting my SIA photo a day late. Yeah, my track record for this hasn’t been that great lately, but I’m lucky to be able to participate in this challenge as I didn’t have any time to snap any photos over the weekend. Late Monday afternoon/evening was the best that I could hope for. But better late than never I always say.

Anyway, here’s my interpretation for Daenel’s chosen SIA, the dome of the Old Courthouse located in St. Louis.

Old Courthouse Dome SIA

Old Courthouse Dome Photo
Used With Permission From Daenel On Living Outside The Stacks

Daenel snapped the photo of the dome while on a family trip to St. Louis, Missouri. You can find out more about it on her blog, here.

Concerning my outfit, I wasn’t too sure that I got it right this time, in terms of color. So I decided to go another way and use the linear look that it has instead, hence, my stripy sweater. I’ve worn this sweater a few times for past SIA challenges and it has always been a reliable piece in my closet to fall back on in a pinch. This is one of those times. And now that I look at it, I do have the neutral colors down pretty well, such as the khakis and the gray stripes, which match along well with the neutral colors of the dome.

So overall, not too bad.

Be sure to check out the round-up on Daenel’s blog, Living Outside The Stacks this coming Wednesday, as well as how her fellow co-hosts, Salazar and Jen went about in interpreting this piece on their respective blogs.

P.S. This is my first SIA post featuring my new glasses! I’ve had them for a week now and they look and feel great!


2 thoughts on “SIA: Old Courthouse Dome

  1. Thanks, Jen! I really like this sweater. It’s perfect for these cooler, autumn-like days coming up.
    I think the first time I wore this sweater for SIA, was for one of your chosen challenges, “Capax Infiniti” I believe it was. I really liked that one a lot! 🙂
    I appreciate you stopping by to leave a comment!


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