It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

If you’ve grown up watching Mr. Rogers as I have, then you’ll know where I got the title of this post from. And it fits for what you are going to see here and for what I want to say.

I’m back friends. Yep, you heard right. I’m dusting off the ‘ol blog here and am ready to pick up where I’ve left off before summer started. So that means more regular posts will be popping up again; postcards, book reviews, SIA photos, and whatever else that I wish to present to you all.

After doing some VERY deep thinking, and taking the very wise advice of a good friend, I am determined to make next summer a great one and to once and for all, put the past behind me. What happened to me is of little importance. What is important is that I will begin to focus more on the present rather than the past and to find the joy and happiness that perhaps was always in front of me, but never saw.

As I am finding out more and more, life doesn’t always give us what we want. It may even give us a lot of what we don’t want, in fact. But we make the best of it with what we do have and enjoy the experience and adventure along the way. ūüėõ

So that is all I have to say for now dear friends. I hope that you all will continue to read and be a part of the blog as I continue to help move it along. There would be no Post Card Purposes without all of your support. Thank you very much.

And now, some photos that I took recently that I hope you will enjoy. It really was a beautiful day in the neighborhood when I took these. ūüôā

St. Bernard's 1

(Above) St. Bernard’s Church in the background, located across the street from The University of Akron. You can see part of the business building off to the far left.

UA Campus

Main walkway of the university campus. The academic library (Bierce) can be seen on the right. Check out the flower beds along the walkway. ūüôā

Flowers 3

And speaking of flowers, I’m growing a few in some flower pots on my balcony (what I call my “mini garden”). Aren’t they beautiful?


Two SIAs, One Post

Hello. Yes, I’m making a “cameo” appearance on my blog here, mostly to ensure everyone that I’m still alive and that I haven’t abandoned my blog. Posts will be very sparse here on¬†for a while; at least until summer is near over and I can start feeling more “normal”, whatever that is, heh.

But enough of the small talk. Let’s get to some SIA posts. I have two SIA photos to share this time around, as I missed posting about the last one that was hosted by Erin, over on Loop Looks. She already posted the round-up for her SIA choice, which you can see here, and I’m included in this one, before my unplanned “disappearance”. She chose this wall mural, “Sonoma”, which is where she went on vacation and was able to get a picture of it (how cool is that?!). The mural is a sort of graphic, which means there were many colors to choose from to go about in interpreting this piece. At first, I had no idea as to what I wanted to do with this one. But then Erin mentioned the words “graphic tee”, which automatically pointed me to my second graphic T-shirt that I own; my Captain America tee to be exact!

Sonoma Fremont Diner Mural SIA

Seeing as how the mural was a graphic image, I felt that my shirt was quite appropriate in interpreting this SIA challenge. And taking it a step further, I scored “bonus points” when ‘ol Capt. America’s theme colors matched up with the colors seen under the letters of “Sonoma”; I was like, “score!”. And hey, with the 4th of July happening tomorrow, even though I’m late making this post for SIA, it’s right on time for the holiday (good ‘ol red, white and blue).

And on top of this, this is my “summer look”, or at least the closest thing that I’ll come to having an actual “summer look”. I am not a “jeans” person and very seldom wear them. The same can be said for T-shirts, unless I’m in the privacy of my home.¬†I scoff at shorts and flip-flops (neither of which I like and will never wear). So the fact that I even chose to embrace just a tinge bit of joy for summer, shows that I’m at least trying to make an effort to enjoy it; at least until August…

Okay, so now onto the next SIA challenge. This next one (which is the current one), was chosen by Salazar, over on 14 Shades of Grey. She chose an illustration by Chinese artist, Oamul, called On The Road. You can see it here. It depicts a flower¬†seller on a bike that’s, well… delivering flowers! Salazar says that this is a common sight in Vietnam (and I can totally picture her on her bike, looking at this very cool illustration). Speaking of which, this is probably one of the coolest images that I’ve seen used for SIA, as the illustration is mobile (thanks to the ability of GIFs as they support animation). Very awesome!

So here’s my interpretation:

The Flower Seller SIA

Plain and simple right? My outfits are usually pretty banal as I usually don’t have much to go on with my wardrobe. But somehow, I always manage to get by with some other way to make a great photo. ūüôā My outfit is simple enough, as it matches what the¬†seller is wearing; gray long sleeved shirt and black pants. But seeing as how there is “plant life” in the illustration, I felt that I should include that element into my photo, by putting our new house plants in the picture too. I’m not a pet person myself, but I do love plants and I love taking care of them (as best as I can anyway). Looking at this now, I wish I had included more of them in the picture as they are significantly “cut out” of the photo. But seeing as how our balcony isn’t that wide, this was the best that I could do. As I told Salazar when I submitted my photo to her, we have quite a few groves and “mini” community gardens in my neighborhood. One of these days (when I’m feeling brave enough to do it), I may venture out and try to take photos of me in front of those for SIA purposes. We will see…

So there you have it; my two SIA photos. Be sure to check in on Salazar’s blog on Thursday for the round-up. She gave us an extension, as many of us here in the US will be celebrating the 4th tomorrow. Still time to participate folks! I did. Will you?

One more thing to note. I know that I missed quite a few posts lately, such as my end of the month book reviews and my 1 year anniversary post (which didn’t post for some odd reason; guess I forgot to schedule it…). And postcards are pretty much non-existent as I haven’t done any new ones since May. As I mentioned before, posts will be very sparse from here on out, at least¬†until summer is nearly over. Doing my best to stay strong, but some days are just too difficult to deal with…

Appreciate all of my loyal readers as I continue to work things out and hoping to get back on track once fall arrives. Please hang with me as I continue to work my way through this. Appreciate all of you!


“Wonder”ful Weekend

Okay, the title of my post is a lie. It wasn’t an entirely wonderful weekend as I had a family crisis to deal with on Saturday. But it wasn’t all bad. On Sunday, after I put in my overtime hours on my job, I wanted to have a little fun, so I went to go see Wonder Woman, which was playing in our local theater.

It was pretty good, as superhero movies go. I’m not entirely a huge fan of superhero movies (neither of Marvel or DC), but I can take them better than I can some other movies, that’s for sure. And I grew up watching the animated cartoons of many of these characters (mostly DC, but a few Marvel as well) so it’s cool to see them portrayed in live action film.

I’ve seen my fair share of superhero movies in my time, and I have to say that Wonder Woman is probably one of the best ones I’ve seen so far. I mean, sure it’s kind of dark (as DC movies go), especially towards the end, but I still liked it overall. It’s funny, filled with plenty of action, and leaves you to anticipate what will happen to Diana (played by Gal Gadot)¬†next. It was also good to see Steve Trevor, portrayed by Chris Pine, as he appeared in the animated Justice League series when the League goes back in time to stop Vandal Savage from changing history¬†during the World War II era, and Diana meets up with Steve. So it was pretty cool that they played on their relationship in the movie as well.

The movie gets pretty violent towards the end when Diana fights Ares, the god of war, but the special effects make it worth sitting through. I’d watch it again when it comes out on DVD in a few months. And I’m sort of stoked about the upcoming Justice League that will be hitting theaters this November. And being a somewhat, “sort of”¬†Justice League “fan”, you can bet that I’ll be¬†having my rare movie theater experience as I plan to go see it!

Until next time, dear readers…

SIA: “Red Rooster In The Night”

It’s that time again. Yep, time for another SIA interpretation by me! This time, Jen, over on Librarian For Life And Style, was the curator and she chose a piece by Marc Chagall, a Russian-French painter that I have never heard of. You can read more about him on Jen’s blog, who placed helpful links that you can click on to read and see more of his art.

The painting that Jen chose, Coq Rouge Dans la Nuit, or Red Rooster in the Night (English Translation) because, in her own words, it “overtly expresses love, in all its dark, swirly, enveloping beauty”. I quite agree as the painting does seem to have a sort of smooth, soft-like appearance, especially with the cerulean blue that dominates the painting, as well as the swirly shapes that are found in the painting. Lots of smooth, soft lines also attribute to this sort of “romantic feel” that this painting has. And the violin playing goat is just plain hilarious!

As Jen stated on her blog, there were several ways to go about in interpreting this painting and many ways to be creative. I however, went the obvious “lazy” route and just wore my deep blue Polo shirt, seen here:

Red Rooster In The Night SIA

As basic as this look may be, the more that I look at my shirt, the more that I see that the folds (as well as a few wrinkles, ugh…) in my shirt emulate the various shades of blue found in the painting. The way the light is hitting certain parts of my shirt make for some unintentional various shades of blue that turns out to be perfect for this SIA (go me!).

So that’s it for me. Be sure to check out Jen’s blog on Tuesday, June 6th, to see how everyone else was inspired by Chagall’s painting. Should be interesting!

Postcard Post: “Trail Through The Autumn Meadow”

I have another Bob Ross Inspired Painting for you. I call this one Trail Through The Autumn Meadow.

Trail Through The Autumn Meadow Postcard

This one was a lot of fun to do. I painted along with my childhood art inspirer, Bob Ross, as he did his painting, called Delightful Meadow Home. You can see how he did his awesome painting by clicking here.

If you watch the video, or just skip to the end when it is completed, you will probably notice right away that I didn’t paint a “delightful meadow home” in mine. I felt that was a little too advanced for me right now and plus, I didn’t want any structures in my painting. So¬†I left it out, as well as the fence posts that are seen in Ross’s painting. But everything else that you see, I’ve tried to do; everything from the evening sky to the pathway that goes through the meadow, right into the forest.

I’m quite proud of this one. It’s still not as good as Quiet Pond but better than Evening Forest, my previous two postcards that I’ve done last month.

I have to say too that my track record for postcard making has been pretty good lately. I painted three back in May (I only posted two of them on the blog), the most I think I’ve done in a while. Part of this is because I’ve been doing¬†these inspired paintings¬†quite often (this one being my third so far) and had some sort of foundation to go from. But I think I’m ready to move on to something different; something more fantasy-based, like how many of my earlier postcards were. I’ll see what I can come up with!

But for the time being, I hope that you all have enjoyed my Bob Ross Inspired Paintings as much as I did painting them. And I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the videos that I’ve guided you to watch (through the links provided)¬†with me and helping to remember a great artist, both in the past and in the present (thanks to YouTube).

Now, go paint something!

May Book Reviews 2017

It’s time for another session of book reviews! I have to say that of all the various posts that I do here on the blog, the book review postings are probably my favorite out of all the posts. I enjoy reading through a book or two and then writing about them afterwards. But they can also be the most challenging of the posts because I can’t always remember everything that happens in the story and oftentimes, will leave out details that I was unclear on or unsure about. This¬†would be¬†less likely to happen if I were to just focus on only one book at a time I guess. But then, it would take me longer to get to all of the books that I wish to read, now wouldn’t it? ūüėČ

So, while you try and figure out that little paradox, let’s move on to the reviews.

Sadly, the books that I wanted to review today are only about a third of the way read so far, so they’ll most likely be reviewed next month. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have something to present for this month. One’s a children’s novel and the other is a teen graphic novel. So with that all said and done, let’s get to it!

My Vietnamese readers may find this first book pretty interesting.

Inside Out & Back Again Cover

It’s called Inside Out & Back Again, by Thanhha Lai. It tells the story of a young Vietnamese girl named Ha, who travels with her mother and her three older brothers from Saigon, Vietnam, to the state of Alabama in the US during the 1970s, in order to escape the war that’s currently taking place in her country. We learn of Ha’s struggles in learning how to adjust to American life, which includes, learning English, going to school (which is segregated), attending church¬†and dealing with bullying at school. Ha’s main antagonist, whom she simply calls, “Pink boy”, makes her experience in school an even greater challenge by calling her names, like “pancake face” and shouting “Buddha” at her in a mocking tone, which the author shows by writing it like this: “Boo-Da”. As you read through the story (or listen to it in my case), you can’t help but feel for Ha and how she must put up with “pink boy’s” constant taunting, often rallying many of the other kids around him to do the same thing to her. Ha is bullied by having her arm hair pulled by some of the other kids. She is¬†even reduced to eating her lunch in the bathroom stalls¬†during lunchtime at school as she can’t deal with all of the noise and the laughter in the school’s cafeteria, which I can clearly understand that.¬† I hated lunchtime at school for several reasons, but the loud cacophony of the cafeteria was one of the major reasons for this.

But all is not¬†bad for Ha, as she learns more about American life. She becomes friends with two students, Pam (which she pronounces¬†as “Pem”) and Steven (which she pronounces¬†“SSsi-Ti-Van”), as well as two teachers at school, in which she confides in concerning the bullying. And towards the end, Ha finally stands up to “pink boy” (good for her!) and he finally leaves her alone.

And I also like how she describes her first time trying fried chicken (assumed to be KFC, as she said that her family’s host brought them chicken in a paper bucket, which is one of KFC’s main trademarks, after Colonel Sanders of course) and how she didn’t like it.

This was a good story. It speaks about a sort of hope, as Ha often speaks about her missing father, whom she hints is in the Navy fighting in the war, as well as a hope of finding a better life in America. There’s a hint of sadness to the story also. A sadness that goes beyond the bullying and struggle to learn English. It has the same feel as another book that I read a while back, called The Girl Who Wrote Loneliness by Shin Kyung‚ÄĎSook. It’s not a story where you find adventure, comedic conversations or silly scenarios that will keep you laughing¬†well into next¬†week,¬†but a story of silent hope and happiness for a young girl wanting to fit into the American lifestyle and have friends.

So I give Inside Out & Back Again, a 4 out of 5. Like I said, it was a good story, and I enjoyed listening to it (the reader did a superb job of telling Ha’s story), but it was a little hard to follow. It’s very short (only 2 discs in the audio version, the shortest audiobook I think I’ve ever listened to) and written in the form of a diary/journal. I had to listen to it several times before fully grasping what was happening to Ha and fully connecting her story with that of the author’s, which she based from her own experience growing up in the 1970s. But it was still good and I can’t wait to read Ms. Lai’s second book, called Listen, Slowly.

My second book for this session is one that I mentioned before.


It’s Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro by Satoka Kiyuduki, a graphic novel series that shows the adventures of a girl named “Kuro” (her real name is never revealed), her bat friend, Sen, and two little “cat” girls, Nijuku and Sanju. Kuro, as she calls herself due to the fact that she wears black (“kuro” means “black” in Japanese), is on a journey to find a witch that has cursed her body and is forced to wear black unless she finds the witch and breaks the curse. Though not directly stated how exactly her body is cursed, certain scenarios in volume 1 indicate that she is different from that of ordinary people. This is seen early on, shortly after Kuro finds the cat sisters, Nijuku and Sanju, who have special abilities, one of which is the ability to both absorb and¬†distribute¬†colors from other objects that they touch. Nijuku tries to do this to Kuro and nearly turns all black in the process. Kuro kindly explains to them that no matter what colors they try to give to her, it will always come out black.

Another indication of Kuro’s condition is when the twins invite her to play in a nearby pond with them and she immediately declines, to which her friend, Sen, jokes that she will melt (presumably into an ink puddle), but is not 100% clear on how true this really is.

Kuro also wears bandages under her clothes and must change them from time to time, as doing this seems to slow down whatever condition she has from the curse.

The four travelers meet some interesting characters on their travels, which include, but are not limited to, a wondering traveler (who likes to try and scam people for money), a fibbing old man who tells “tall tails”, two young lovers that are united, thanks to Kuro,¬†and a good “witch” that can “read” Kuro’s true self, saying to her that she believes that someone “forced” the black that¬†Kuro wears on her and that it’s not her true color; her true color being tainted by the color black. Funny little “fun fact” about this is that someone actually said something¬†similar¬†to¬†this¬†to me once, I’m guessing because I wear black all of the time, ha. ūüôā

While my main focus of the book reviews is not to present graphic novels, I will make an exception with this one as I really like it. Besides, it’s my blog so I make the call as to what books I want to present on it. ūüėČ I hope to have volume 2 up soon, whenever I finish it.

That’s all for now. Be sure to check out both Salazar’s¬†and¬†Kezzie’s respective blogs to see their latest book reviews and see what they’re reading.

Until next time!


For The Love Of Summer…

Okay, I need to give you all a small disclaimer here. This post has nothing to do with postcards, or SIA pictures or books. So if you were expecting any of these, you won’t find them here in this post.

While I usually write for my readers (thank you all so much for reading!), this post is more for me than anyone else.

Over the past several years, I’ve always struggled emotionally¬†when summer came around. I hated it, and I still do to this day. Once upon a time, summer was probably one of my favorite times of the year. Summer vacation, warm weather, fun and games, you name it. What kid wouldn’t love summer, right? Well, I loved it up until a few years ago.¬†VERY painful memories associated with this season, made it the most hated time of the year for me. I won’t get into¬†the details,¬†as it’s too personal and too painful and you all probably don’t want to hear it anyway.

But let me end this very short, very serious post by saying that I’m going to do my best to finally reconcile with the past and what has hurt me for so long (last year was the worst yet) and try to move on.¬† This doesn’t mean that I’m forgetting what happened. It just means that I’m willing to be okay with what happened (more or less) and to find the good things that summer has that I usually miss out on, as I’m usually too busy sulking. And one of these good things is the beauty that nature has during the summer months; the vibrancy, the colors; everything that makes summer, well, summer. And while technically, it’s still spring, today looked very much like how summer looks, in all of its glory.

I took these photos today while on my lunch break. I walked up to our local college campus (where I graduated) with a friend and saw how beautiful it is. So many cool angles and parts of the campus that I have never seen before. Check them out below.

So there I go. First step toward healing…

SIA: “Venus”

For this SIA, I’ve chosen a very simple look. Chosen by Salazar over on 14 Shades of Grey, this challenge involves a poster that’s part of a series of posters created for the recently discovered exoplanets (planets that are outside of our solar system, hence the prefix “exo”). You can read more about these awesome worlds both here and here. Some of these things dwarf even the “Mighty Jupiter”, the largest planet in our solar system. For those of you who know me well, I’m a HUGE astronomy buff and could probably talk all day on the subject.

But I will spare you all the lecture as I’m not feeling that great and need to retreat back to my bed. Been sick all day but needed to get this post ready for launch on Monday.

So let me cut to the chase and show you what I’ve come up with¬†for this SIA.

Venus Poster SIA

Like I said, very simple. The poster has a very pastel look to it with lots of pinks and greys/silver colors. And since I don’t have any pink in my closet of clothing (I doubt I’d wear it, even if I had), I opted to go with the more silver-like colors that are seen in the poster, using my light gray shirt. And my black pants and tiny black logo on the shirt, cover the bit of black that’s seen in the poster. Incidentally, the logo you see is the company that my mom works for, Summa Care. I think my mom brought a few shirts home a few years back and had given me one, which I have never worn, until now. It’s way too big for me but I thought that it would be perfect for this challenge when I found it in my closet.

So that’s it for now, dear readers. Be sure to check in to Salazar’s blog on¬†Wednesday to see how everyone else interpreted this SIA challenge.

Okay, back to bed with me…

Postcard Post: “Evening Forest”

Hey there, dear readers. Got another postcard to share with you all. I call it Evening Forest, as the bit of glow that you see in the sky behind the trees, makes me think of a sunset. Pretty simple.

Evening Forest Postcard

Like my last current postcard, Quiet Pond, seen here, I based this one off of one of Bob Ross’s paintings that he did, called Island in the Wilderness. You can watch how he did his painting here.

But unlike my last Bob Ross inspired painting, this one is somewhat disappointing. For one thing, the so-called “reflections” that I tried to do of the trees in the water (bottom right) did not come out good at all. They look more like deformed stalactites that you’d see in a cave. They are way too dark.

Another thing that bothers me about this one is the bottom left, where I’ve tried to paint the bushes that Bob did in his painting.¬†They look more¬†like really bad mustard stains that you can’t get out of your shirt, no matter how many times you throw it in the washing machine. Ugh….

But still, what do you expect with watercolor? It’s hard to do layering of color properly with this particular medium. Oil paint would have probably been better, if I had any. Oh well. You do the best that you can with what you’ve got.

And besides, it’s not all doom and gloom here. I really liked how I did the evening sky with the trees in front of it, fading back into the space. And the little sticks and twigs that I added along the water bank are pretty cool too I think.

So overall, not bad. I hope to do better paintings (whether Bob Ross inspired or otherwise) in the future and maybe give my watercolors a mini hiatus and use color pencils or oil pastels (which I used a little in the end to enhance some of the green on the trees).

Hope everyone has a great week!

P.S. Like with my last post, I put this one on a timer as well so that it will go public around 7am (Eastern Standard Time), Monday morning. Since I found success in this method the last time I did it, I deem that it’s worth doing again.

SIA: growARTS Painting #2

Before I begin, I want to announce that I’m trying something totally different for this post. I’m going to try and set this post so that it publishes at a certain time on Monday, May 8th. I’ve noticed that several of my “blogging buddies” manage to post daily at nearly the same time, which I think is pretty awesome. And I’ve always wondered how they can post so consistently. So I did a little research and found out that WordPress has a handy dandy little feature that allows you to publish posts at a set time so that you don’t have to worry about being in front of your computer when you want to make a post go live.

So my SIA post will be my test, if you will, to see if this works. If it does, it should go live at around 7am (Eastern Standard Time), Monday, May 8th. Fingers crossed.

So, onto this week’s challenge.

This week’s SIA challenge was curated by Erin on her blog, over on Loop Looks. She has chosen another growARTS piece, which you can read more about on her blog.

Grow Arts SIA 3

I went with a pretty obvious choice of colors for this one; black shirt and khaki pants (sorry, no purple in my wardrobe), similar colors to what we see in the painting.

But like I told Erin when I submitted my photo, the problem that I have with my outfit is my pants looking too “baggy”, which I don’t like. They are too long for me and a trip to a good tailor might be in order. But for a quick fix, I guess I could have just rolled the bottoms of them a little. Live and learn, huh…

So there you have it. Be sure to check out Erin’s blog tomorrow to see how everyone else interpreted this latest SIA installment.