It’s time for another SIA presentation, this time presented by Jen, over on Librarian For Life And Style. It’s a movie poster for the 1917 silent film Cleopatra, which you can see on her blog in the link above. Jen chose this piece based on the colors, which match the season quite nicely (lots of golds and yellows, which is perfect for fall), and also for it’s depiction of a strong woman, after the last few difficult weeks it has been for women all around (if you’ve been keeping up with US news, you know what I’m talking about).

While I am wanting to keep any kind of political/news talk out of my blog, I will say that I felt very strongly about this particular SIA challenge. As I stated on Salazar’s blog last Monday, I stand with my blogging friends here and support them during this rather shameful time in our country. What’s going on doesn’t just affect women. It affects men too; our mothers, our sisters, our co-workers, our friends, everyone. We all need to take a stand against what our country is facing. We will be better people, better neighbors, better co-workers, and better friends when we do.

That’s all I have to say regarding this matter. Now, let’s move on to the SIA portion of the post.

So this is what I came up with for this challenge:

Cleopatra SIA 1

Cleopatra SIA 2

I went with both color matching as well as pose matching, emulating the serious look on Cleopatra (which is why I’m not smiling in these photos), and matching the colors that I saw dominating the poster (burgundy and blue). In order to pull this off, I had to don two shirts, one being a long sleeved shirt. But don’t be fooled. The weather was far too hot to be wearing two shirt, especially one being a long sleeved shirt. It may be autumn according to the calendar, but the weather here didn’t get the memo apparently. I was sweating within minutes of my mini photo shoot! But like I told Jen when I submitted my photo to her, I’m willing to give up a few minutes of comfort for SIA. It was worth it!

So there you have it. Again I say that I felt very strongly about this SIA challenge and felt very honored to be a part of it. I’d like to give a special shout out to Jen, Salazar, Daenel and even Erin, one of our former SIA co-hosts, for allowing me to be a constant participant in their blog SIA challenges. It means a lot to me and I appreciate all of you so much! Stay strong!

That’s all for me. Be sure to check in on Jen’s blog this coming Wednesday to see how everyone else went about in interpreting this piece. And if you feel so inclined and as strongly as I felt about it, feel free to join in! There’s still time!



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