I apologize for my post being late. I usually schedule the SIA posts to go live on Monday mornings. But I was too tired over the weekend to write anything lucid, so I figured it was just better to wait until I’m more focused. I’m very particular about my writing so I want to be at my best whenever I do it. But it’s a pretty simple post here, so it won’t take much effort to write.

So as I mentioned above, this is an SIA post and Salazar, over on 14 Shades of Grey, is the curator for this week’s challenge. And she chose a pretty awesome subject for this challenge; a sculpture she saw while on vacation in Cuba a few weeks back. It’s called Primavera, by sculptor Rafael San Juan. It depicts a woman’s head, with a sort of an “S” curve to her neck, and is made from recycled steel. You can read more about it, and how the artist went about in creating it on Salazar’s blog, where she provides a handy dandy link to an interview with the artist. I read it and it’s pretty awesome as to how he went about in forming his ideas for this work. Go check it out!

So here’s my interpretation for Primavera.

Primavera SIA

I’ll be the first to admit that my attire does not reflect the work at all, as I usually try to go for some element, such as color or texture. Not so with this one, but I couldn’t help but be a participant for several reasons. 1) I like supporting my friend, Salazar, and her blog, and I feel that this is one way that I can do it. 2) Salazar chose this particular piece in order to honor Women’s History Month, which I am all on board for supporting and hoping to get the word out there on that. More people need to know about it. And 3), it’s fun! I love the SIA challenges, even before I became a regular participant. And I am so grateful that the SIA team allows me to participate whenever I wish to do so (thanks Salazar, Jen and Erin!).

So back to the question; what did I base my outfit on? The answer? The title of course! The term “primavera” is Spanish for “spring”, which of course happens tomorrow, on the 20th of March. The weather may dictate otherwise but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. And to me, the light green that I’m wearing best represents the spring season. Perhaps my wearing the green here will cause spring to arrive on time this year. Who knows.

And of course, being a classical music buff, I had to listen to Vivaldi’s La Primavera from his Four Seasons violin concerti while preparing for my picture to be taken. You can hear it by clicking here. Enjoy!

Be sure to check back on Salazar’s blog this Wednesday, March 21st, to see how everyone else interpreted Primavera. And don’t forget to submit your photos to her by Tuesday night to be included in the round-up on Wednesday!




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