My first SIA post of 2018!! You all thought I dropped out, didn’t you? Nope, not at all. I’ve been out of the SIA part of blogging for a couple of reasons; in part, because of my busy schedule and lack of time to take photos and then try to create posts for them. But the main reason for my absence is simply that I’ve just felt too shy and self conscious to take any photos of myself lately. You’d think that after doing this for a while that I would be over my “shyness” and just get right into it, right? But lately, I’ve been feeling like my *ahem* outfits were too boring. I did actually think about dropping out because I felt like I was just presenting the same old stuff over and over.

However, seeing Jen’s SIA choice for this week encouraged me to stick around a little bit longer. For this challenge, she chose the painting, Dido Elizabeth Belle and Lady Elizabeth Murray, artist unknown. It was once credited to Johann Zoffany, a German painter who worked in England. Though he is not the true painter of this piece, looking at some of his other works that he did sort of leads you to believe that maybe perhaps he was the painter. The style it’s done in is very similar to his. You can view this painting on Jen’s blog here.

So for my first challenge of the year, I decided to do something a little different, sort of. I went to a location that I felt was more fitting for my photos! Check it out!

Dido Elizabeth Belle And Lady Elizabeth Murray SIA 1

Dido Elizabeth Belle And Lady Elizabeth Murray SIA 2

Dido Elizabeth Belle And Lady Elizabeth Murray SIA 3

There is a cluster of bushes not far from my building, which you can see from the top two photos. For the longest time, I’ve wanted to use this particular spot for SIA photos, but have never had the time (or patience) to get out there to take photos. But with a little extra time on my hands lately, I finally decided to give it a go!

As you can see, the pictures didn’t exactly come out as great as I had hoped that they would. The zoom feature on my iPod, though a nice function to have, is not exactly a telephoto lens of that of a real camera. So they came out rather blurry. But despite this flaw, I felt that the location for this particular piece was perfect! There are trees in the painting, which I wanted to include in my pictures. The “black thing” that you see on the ground is my jacket, which I took off for the purpose of taking the photos, matching the green of the trees in the painting with my dark green shirt. However, it was about 37 degrees at the time when I took these pictures so I was freezing without it! The sacrifices that I make for SIA, ha! And you can still see some of the snow that’s left over from the snowstorm we had last week. 😉

So after taking pictures on location, I decided to take a better once in my usual spot, on my balcony. And of course, I had to do my best to mimic Dido’s facial expression and hand gesture, which I thought came out very well. 😛

So that’s it for me. Be sure to check out Jen’s blog this coming Wednesday for the full round-up and see how everyone else went about in interpreting this cute, but gorgeous painting. It should be fun!


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