Hello. Yes, I’m making a “cameo” appearance on my blog here, mostly to ensure everyone that I’m still alive and that I haven’t abandoned my blog. Posts will be very sparse here on for a while; at least until summer is near over and I can start feeling more “normal”, whatever that is, heh.

But enough of the small talk. Let’s get to some SIA posts. I have two SIA photos to share this time around, as I missed posting about the last one that was hosted by Erin, over on Loop Looks. She already posted the round-up for her SIA choice, which you can see here, and I’m included in this one, before my unplanned “disappearance”. She chose this wall mural, “Sonoma”, which is where she went on vacation and was able to get a picture of it (how cool is that?!). The mural is a sort of graphic, which means there were many colors to choose from to go about in interpreting this piece. At first, I had no idea as to what I wanted to do with this one. But then Erin mentioned the words “graphic tee”, which automatically pointed me to my second graphic T-shirt that I own; my Captain America tee to be exact!

Sonoma Fremont Diner Mural SIA

Seeing as how the mural was a graphic image, I felt that my shirt was quite appropriate in interpreting this SIA challenge. And taking it a step further, I scored “bonus points” when ‘ol Capt. America’s theme colors matched up with the colors seen under the letters of “Sonoma”; I was like, “score!”. And hey, with the 4th of July happening tomorrow, even though I’m late making this post for SIA, it’s right on time for the holiday (good ‘ol red, white and blue).

And on top of this, this is my “summer look”, or at least the closest thing that I’ll come to having an actual “summer look”. I am not a “jeans” person and very seldom wear them. The same can be said for T-shirts, unless I’m in the privacy of my home. I scoff at shorts and flip-flops (neither of which I like and will never wear). So the fact that I even chose to embrace just a tinge bit of joy for summer, shows that I’m at least trying to make an effort to enjoy it; at least until August…

Okay, so now onto the next SIA challenge. This next one (which is the current one), was chosen by Salazar, over on 14 Shades of Grey. She chose an illustration by Chinese artist, Oamul, called On The Road. You can see it here. It depicts a flower seller on a bike that’s, well… delivering flowers! Salazar says that this is a common sight in Vietnam (and I can totally picture her on her bike, looking at this very cool illustration). Speaking of which, this is probably one of the coolest images that I’ve seen used for SIA, as the illustration is mobile (thanks to the ability of GIFs as they support animation). Very awesome!

So here’s my interpretation:

The Flower Seller SIA

Plain and simple right? My outfits are usually pretty banal as I usually don’t have much to go on with my wardrobe. But somehow, I always manage to get by with some other way to make a great photo. 🙂 My outfit is simple enough, as it matches what the seller is wearing; gray long sleeved shirt and black pants. But seeing as how there is “plant life” in the illustration, I felt that I should include that element into my photo, by putting our new house plants in the picture too. I’m not a pet person myself, but I do love plants and I love taking care of them (as best as I can anyway). Looking at this now, I wish I had included more of them in the picture as they are significantly “cut out” of the photo. But seeing as how our balcony isn’t that wide, this was the best that I could do. As I told Salazar when I submitted my photo to her, we have quite a few groves and “mini” community gardens in my neighborhood. One of these days (when I’m feeling brave enough to do it), I may venture out and try to take photos of me in front of those for SIA purposes. We will see…

So there you have it; my two SIA photos. Be sure to check in on Salazar’s blog on Thursday for the round-up. She gave us an extension, as many of us here in the US will be celebrating the 4th tomorrow. Still time to participate folks! I did. Will you?

One more thing to note. I know that I missed quite a few posts lately, such as my end of the month book reviews and my 1 year anniversary post (which didn’t post for some odd reason; guess I forgot to schedule it…). And postcards are pretty much non-existent as I haven’t done any new ones since May. As I mentioned before, posts will be very sparse from here on out, at least until summer is nearly over. Doing my best to stay strong, but some days are just too difficult to deal with…

Appreciate all of my loyal readers as I continue to work things out and hoping to get back on track once fall arrives. Please hang with me as I continue to work my way through this. Appreciate all of you!



2 thoughts on “Two SIAs, One Post

  1. I wondered where you had been! Glad you are alive and well! I thought your graphic tee was brilliant for the Sonoma one- it really did go so well! Nice to see you smiling too! I am a smiley blogger so I always appreciate that!
    Your second one was a great idea too!
    I am SO annoyed about the last week’s Light one because I had the perfect Fireworks dress to go with this one and even another outfit that would work, I even saw fireworks last weekend, but I just didn’t get around to taking any photos or getting into the outfits- shame!
    Hope to see more posts soon!


    1. Thank you for your concern, Kezzie! I really appreciate it. You, Salazar and the others are the best friends ever. 🙂
      I’m doing okay mostly. Just taking one day at a time.

      But I’m so frustrated because I just can’t seem to get any inspiration for any new postcards (or any kind of art for that matter) lately. I think it’s because my mind is on other things right now…
      But I know that this won’t last forever and I’ll be painting again. 🙂

      Aww, I’m sorry to hear that Kezzie. Your outfits have always been spot on and always well coordinated for all of the SIA challenges. Yeah, I actually had a great gold/black combo to go with the last one too, but I decided to not participate. :/

      Thank you for the compliments! Yeah, I was really proud of my Captain America T-shirt. I mean, like how perfect was that, right?!
      And yes, I always try to smile in my photos (even if I’m not feeling it at the time!). Makes for a better photo, right?

      More posts will be coming, I promise!


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