Before I begin, I want to announce that I’m trying something totally different for this post. I’m going to try and set this post so that it publishes at a certain time on Monday, May 8th. I’ve noticed that several of my “blogging buddies” manage to post daily at nearly the same time, which I think is pretty awesome. And I’ve always wondered how they can post so consistently. So I did a little research and found out that WordPress has a handy dandy little feature that allows you to publish posts at a set time so that you don’t have to worry about being in front of your computer when you want to make a post go live.

So my SIA post will be my test, if you will, to see if this works. If it does, it should go live at around 7am (Eastern Standard Time), Monday, May 8th. Fingers crossed.

So, onto this week’s challenge.

This week’s SIA challenge was curated by Erin on her blog, over on Loop Looks. She has chosen another growARTS piece, which you can read more about on her blog.

Grow Arts SIA 3

I went with a pretty obvious choice of colors for this one; black shirt and khaki pants (sorry, no purple in my wardrobe), similar colors to what we see in the painting.

But like I told Erin when I submitted my photo, the problem that I have with my outfit is my pants looking too “baggy”, which I don’t like. They are too long for me and a trip to a good tailor might be in order. But for a quick fix, I guess I could have just rolled the bottoms of them a little. Live and learn, huh…

So there you have it. Be sure to check out Erin’s blog tomorrow to see how everyone else interpreted this latest SIA installment.



2 thoughts on “SIA: growARTS Painting #2

  1. I totally prefer MY trousers baggy to tight! I thought this one would be an easy SIA but I really couldn’t seem to find ANY purple in my wardobe- maybe I got rid of most of it! Anyway, I found SOMETHING in the end!

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    1. True! I prefer loose/baggy as opposed to tight. I honestly don’t know how some people can wear tight clothing on a consistent basis…

      Yeah, same here in regards to the purple. Years ago, I used to have a purple polo shirt and it was one of my favorite shirts to wear. I think I loved it a little too much as the natural wear and tear of machine washing finally ripped it asunder. And I never had the urge to replace it after that.

      Looking forward to seeing us all in the round-up tomorrow!


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