I don’t know if I ever gave this next postcard an “official title”. Like many of my earlier ones, it was more about just making them, making sure they looked good and mailing them off to my pen pal. It wasn’t until late last year when I really started to give my art names.

Fire In The Sky Postcard

So this one here went unnamed for some time. As I was looking at it earlier today and thinking of a good name for it for today’s post, quite a few came to mind, ranging from simple names like Volcano and Lava to very elaborate names like Fire Bomb Blitz and Magma Mayhem. In the end, I sort of fell in between the two and settled on Fire In The Sky. It’s simple and to the point. I decided on this name because I want the focus of the piece to be more about the light emitted from the spewing volcanoes, lighting up the dark sky in the background, as opposed to the lava that’s flowing from them.

In any kind of painting or drawing, balance is always an important factor. If you don’t have good balance in a picture, it tends to look “lopsided” or “top/bottom heavy” and it won’t “read” right to many viewers. So I try to incorporate this sense of “balance” in my postcards, particularly in the later ones as I continue to develop my technique.

And for me, the light that I show from the tops of the two volcanoes helps balance out the very “bottom heavy” look of this picture with the lava flowing on the right and the melted rock on the left. And looking at this picture that I did with colored pencils back in 2015, makes me feel very hot, like skin melting, sweaty, blistery hot. Quite a feeling to have, considering how cold it’s been here this past week. We are in the month of May, aren’t we? Sure doesn’t feel like it so far…

Have a great weekend! Hoping to get another postcard posting up next week!


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