Okay, so what’s up with our weather here? The vernal equinox just started two days ago and yet it’s feeling more like the first day of winter! I went out to take my SIA pics for the next challenge, and there are snow flurries falling! I’m so confused…

And to add to my confusion, I’m posting about postcards that I did depicting autumn (need I say more?…)

Anyway, I’m digressing. So let’s move on.

These two postcards that I did back in 2015 were based off of a painting that I saw at the museum (which happens to be one of my favorites in the whole place). I even went there to view the painting to help spark the inspiration to create these two wonders.

Autumn 1 Autumn 2

The painting I based these off of is called White Oaks by Julian Alden Weir. You can view the actual work here.

Simply calling them “Autumn 1” and “Autumn 2″(I didn’t think of an actual name for these), you can see that I didn’t copy these pieces from Weir’s painting when I did them. They were inspired; big difference. While the color in his is rather bland and more “fall-like”, I decided to go with the more “colorful” approach, as that is how I see the autumn season, especially when the trees begin their transformation.

I like how “Autumn 2” (dated 10-9-15) came out as it seems more realistic as opposed to “Autumn 1”, which appears more abstract. And now that I think about it, even though both of these drawings (I did them in oil pastel crayon) are based off of Weir’s work, the first piece was strictly from my imagination at the time. You see, I only had an idea of what White Oaks looked like (it had been a while since I’ve seen it, though I vaguely remembered what it looked like). And I remember wanting to redo this piece, so I took a little journey over to the museum during my lunch break and took a gander at the actual painting. With this new inspiration in mind, I had a clearer picture of what I wanted to do and that’s how “Autumn 2” came into existence.

That’s one of the great things about art. You can be inspired by anything and you can create anything with just a little imagination, whatever media you want to use and the means to put markings down on paper. I encourage everyone who reads this post to challenge themselves for just a day and draw something, anything. Even if you don’t think that you can draw, do it anyway. Art is not about trying to make something look good. Art is doing.

Okay, enough of the lecture. That’s all for now! Please keep checking back in for new posts here. While I’m not as consistent as some of my fellow bloggers, I’m doing my best to keep the blog alive. And I can only do that with your support. Thanks in advance!


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