It’s time for another SIA presentation! This time, Erin over on Loop Looks, is curating the SIA challenge and it’s another awesome painting done by Georgia O’Keeffe, called Pond In The Woods. You can read more about this piece on Erin’s blog here (and her awesome in-person encounter with the actual painting!).

So for this challenge, I went with yet another simple look; my dark forest green Polo shirt and khaki pants. See below.


Truthfully, I’m not entirely impressed with my attire as I feel that it is too simple for a painting as great as this. But it’s not bad either.

And I had such a difficult time in getting my picture to submit to Erin that I didn’t want to complicate the effort further, so I just went with what I had. It was cold and windy when I took this photo, so after nearly a dozen botched photos (which would probably make great outtakes), I was ready to go back in before I froze.

And check it out. Both the brick background and the “carpeting” on our terrace work well with this painting and juxtapose nicely with my outfit! Always love those unexpected happenings when they occur!

That’s all I have for now. Be sure to check out Erin’s blog on Tuesday, February 14th for the complete round-up and see how everyone else went about in interpreting this cool painting!


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