Now that Christmas is behind us and we’re heading into a new year (yay 2017!!!), I’m back to doing my regular postcard art. And the other day, I had a fabulous idea on what I wanted to focus on for the art over the next several weeks. As I look over my past creations, I’ve come to realize that I mostly have land (city) scapes, most of which have come out pretty good. But another integral part of doing art, at least in my opinion, is still life art. I remember how much I loved doing still life art back in my college days and learning about light and shadow and various ways to create gradation for a particular subject. And while I enjoyed doing all of those studies, most, if not all of them, were done in black and white (using charcoal sticks as my medium). And while most turned out great, they still lacked that one simple element that really brought them to life: color.

So for the next several weeks or so, depending on how far I want to carry this, I’m going to be focusing on still life art, rather than landscapes or city scenes. I think that it will be a fun and simple way for me to get some great looking postal art out quickly, while at the same time, helping me to improve my skills as a painter/sketch artist.

And for my very first still life subject, I chose a very simple subject: an apple.


Being one of my favorite fruits (after pairs), apples are sort of the iconic symbol for healthy eating (as least from the fruit perspective). Everyone recognizes apples and their symbolic bright red color that they are often seen for (and yes, I know that they come in other colors as well, but red seems to be the color that they are mostly known for).

On the left, you see the photo that I took of the apple itself. And on the right, you see my interpretation of it, done in basic watercolor. One thing that you’ll notice right away is that the surface that the real apple is sitting on is white, while my apple is seen sitting on a manila colored surface. I did that for a reason. One of the things my art professors emphasized the most when doing still lifes was to always establish the space around your subject that you were drawing or painting. If you didn’t, your subject would look like it was levitating in mid air, which might be pretty cool sounding, but is unrealistic looking nonetheless. And since the apple in the photo was sitting on a white surface against a white wall, I wanted to show my apple was actually sitting on something and not floating in empty space.

Not too bad for my first attempt at still life art after about 10 years of not doing it consistently. I’d say that this one is a winner (though I’m bothered that my apple is a bit more lopsided looking than the original…).

In the future, I plan on trying out more complex subjects to paint for my postcards and hopefully, with a little more practice, won’t come out looking too muddy and lopsided.

So there you have it folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this latest exhibition here and I look forward to presenting many more pieces as we head into 2017.

Be sure to check back here tomorrow for my book review segment, as it’s the last day of the month (and year) and see what I’ve been up to as far as literature goes.

Until then, keep on reading!




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