Hey everyone! I apologize for being so absent the last few weeks. Things have been super crazy lately with the approach of Christmas and all. I’ve been so busy in the preparation for that. But now that it’s over, I can focus more on my regular routine, which suits me just fine.

Anyway, for those of you who have been reading and following along on the blog, I often post my SIA pics here when one of our SIA co-hosts presents a new challenge. Currently, they are all on break after completing another successful year of SIA challenges.

But I haven’t had enough apparently because while they’re on break, I thought it would be fun to host my own SIA challenge right here as a sort of homage to my team. I’ve missed a few challenges this year, most notably in the summer, so I consider this to sort of be a way of making up for lost time.

And what better way to do this than by using one of my very own postcards! I’ve been thinking about this for a while; what it would be like to host an SIA challenge using one of my own postcards. I mean, sure I’m no Edward Hopper or Jan Van Eyck (two of my favorite artists) but I don’t do too bad. And I picked one of my favorite postcards that I call “City Lights”. My idea for this postcard was to depict city life at night, with the rapid moving traffic (shown as yellow and red streaks) and the lights often seen from buildings and street lights as they illuminate the night. Pretty cool, right?


So here is the postcard art that I’ve chosen for this special SIA presentation. And following in the tradition of how it’s done, next week I’ll post the outfit that I have chosen that best represents the art. This should be fun! Tune in next week to see what I came up with!


2 thoughts on “Special SIA Presentation: “City Lights”

    1. Thanks Salazar! Yeah, I really like how this one came out. Looking at it reminds me of those times when I was little when my family and I would drive through the city at night and we’d come to a high point, like a really high hill, and I’d see something similar. I tried to re-create that image here.


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