Hey all. I have a new postcard to share with you (finally!). I did this one just last Friday. I call it Autumn Mountains. I’ve been wanting to do a fall scene for a while now as the weather is finally starting to make the transition from summer to autumn (though this year seems to be more on the warmer side than the cooler one). I got inspiration for this particular piece from a picture I saw in one of the children’s books I was putting away at work. I started flipping through it and I saw some really great images that I thought would make a great starting base for a painting. And I think I hit the jackpot on this one, with the mountains in the background to give it some depth.

Painted with watercolor paint (and my trusted brush pens), this postcard I think was a great start for me as I begin painting again after a brief pause. I am hoping to maybe fit one more fall postcard in before winter arrives and I’ll be focusing more on painting white snow and grey skies. Okay, I’ll try to make them a little more interesting than that but we’ll see how inspired I’ll get when the time comes.

Thanks for stopping by! See you in the next post!




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