Okay, I’m going to make this real brief as today was extremely chimerical and I’ve about burned up all of my energy needed to even write a decent post. The last few weeks have been rather… unreal for me, to say the very least, but that’s another story…

Anyway, for this SIA, chosen by Erin on her blog, Loop Looks, is an official scorecard from 1908, in celebration of her home baseball team, the Chicago Cubs, winning the World Series earlier this month. You can see an image of the scorecard on her blog here: http://looplooks.net/2016/11/07/sia-108-years/.

Simply put, this was a pretty easy one for me to interpret, for obvious reasons (I mean, menswear, right?). But because my more “traditional menswear” doesn’t match any of the colors on the scorecard, I settled for my two favs; black and white. And for those of you who remember my last SIA interpretation on Erin’s blog with the Brummel street art, I was very whimsical and fun looking, right? But this time, I am much more serious with my interpretation; everything from my facial expression to the colors I’ve chosen for this challenge. As I mentioned earlier, the last few weeks have been quite difficult for me and this SIA represents something more personal as initially I wasn’t going to participate at all or in any future SIAs ever again. But after gathering myself somewhat, I decided that I wanted to continue with the challenges, which I’m glad that I did.

So there’s a little backstory for you there for this piece. I’ll come around eventually I’m sure, but for right now, it’s still a work in progress…




2 thoughts on “SIA: 1908 Official Score Card – “Menswear”

    1. Thank you! Yes, I saw that this one called for a hat and my first thought was to wear a fedora hat, which would better match the hat worn by the man in the picture. But I decided to go with the baseball cap at the last minute because the theme was essentially baseball. So I think it worked better.


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