Hey there faithful readers. I’m back. I apologize for the long absence and the excessive time gap between postings. I have been going through some deep emotional penance the last few weeks and a sort of “learning course” to help me to write better and become a better blogger, if I have the right to call myself that yet. Long story, not so interesting…

So let’s get to what is interesting and that is postcards. I have another postcard to share with you today. This is another one of my earlier ones that I did back in 2015. I call this one Pyramids, for the obvious fact that there are pyramids in the background of this desert scene that I created. To be truthful, I don’t recall giving this one an actual name at the time. It was just one that I came up with for the purpose of this post. I remember being quite proud of this one because of how it turned out in the end. I love how the sand dunes came out and how I have the little tumbleweed rolling across the ground. It really makes it look like a scene out of a comic book or video game, right?! And that leads me to the next element of this piece; the cacti. Now for those of you who specialize in geography, you probably know that you normally don’t see cacti and pyramids together in the same scene. In fact, the saguaro cactus, or “giant cactus”, makes its home right here in North America, specifically in the Sonoran Desert, the second largest desert on the continent. That’s a far cry from where the ancient pyramids of Giza sit, a whopping 7630 miles (about 12,279 kilometers) away! So why do you see cacti, a tumbleweed and pyramids all together in the same scene? Because that’s how I wanted it. It’s my art and if I want to put pyramids and cacti in the same scene like I’ve done here, I’m going to do it! That’s the great thing about art. No matter what kind of art you do, you can make it into whatever you want it to be. It’s your world and you can do whatever you want with it as long as it’s yours. And that’s what I did here. I just added a hot sun, a cloudless sky and a few birds and there you have it, an interesting and cool desert scene. Of course, I can think of more favorable and desirable spots on Earth to visit than a dry and hot desert. You’ll see some of the places I’ve imagined in the near future! I hope that you’ve enjoyed viewing this postcard as much as I did in designing it. Stay tuned for more postcards in future posts!




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