First off, I’d like to thank my loyal readers for sticking with me here on my blog, even though I haven’t done much blogging lately. As a new “blogger”, I admit that I am not that good at it yet and I often falter over the small stuff (hey, blogging is a tough business). But as a writer, it is my passion to express myself in this way and I wish to continue to do that here as I’ve done on other social media platforms in the past. But that’s not to say that “rocky starts” don’t happen, and that is certainly the case with me as I am having a difficult time in keeping my focus. Even some of the classic and great writers had their stumbling blocks. Emily Dickinson has less than 12 out of her 1800 poems published during her lifetime. Steven King’s first book, Carrie, had to endure at least 30 rejections and he ended up throwing it away in frustration (I can understand that). But thanks to his wife, who recovered the original draft, it later ended up being worth over $400,000. And you all probably know the cartoonist that created the Sunday comic strips’ most lovable “blockhead”. Charles Shultz’s Peanuts is well-known and loved by millions all over the world. But before we could enjoy Linus’s Great Pumpkin stories or Snoopy’s imaginary air battles with The Red Baron, Shultz had to face rejection at a young age when every one of his cartoons were rejected by his high school yearbook staff. And for those of you who enjoy the Harry Potter series, the creator, J.K. Rowling, had twelve publishing houses that rejected her first book before it took off. But obviously she didn’t stop there because if she did, you wouldn’t be enjoying all of the books and movies that followed. And our library shelves wouldn’t be over crowded with multiple copies of Harry Potter. One of these days I will have to pick one up to read it.

My point of all this is, all of these well-known writers didn’t get the success they earned by giving up after a few let downs. They kept on until it happened. And that is what I must do here.

So I wanted to let my readers know that PostCard Purposes will continue and more posts will be coming. I may have to tweak it a little as I still don’t have it to where I want it. But when I do, I know that this blog will be something that I can be proud of and I’m going to do it my way.

Stay tuned everyone.




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