Hey everyone, time for another SIA posting. First off, do you like my title? It’s a little joke on my part as the title of this week’s SIA painting is The Chocolate Girl. So I cleverly named the post of my title SIA: The Chocolate Boy? because, well, I’m a boy, er… man. Get it? That’s my bit of sarcastic humor for today folks; it’s all I got. ūüėČ

Anyway, down to business. This week’s SIA art challenge was chosen by Salazar and as I stated above, the name of the chosen work is The Chocolate Girl by Jean-√Čtienne Liotard. You can read more about him and his awesome work on Salazar’s blog at https://14shadesofgrey.wordpress.com/2016/10/10/sia-inspiration-jean-etienne-liotard/.

And for this one, I chose to appear in semi-business casual attire, reason one being that after my last SIA, I wanted¬†a more serious look (though I¬†have to admit that I had fun posing in my Mario t-shirt! You can check it out here: https://postcardpurposes.wordpress.com/2016/10/03/sia-brummel/) and two, I went with a more themed interpretation rather than a¬†literal interpretation in that I see this painting as being serious. We see a maid with¬†a¬†serious, almost non-emotional expression on her face, serving hot chocolate I’m guessing, to someone, and there is¬†very little exuberance or euphoria seen here, which I can totally go for, especially with the muted calm-like colors.

So while the colors don’t match the painting at all, wearing my suit (minus the tie) I think fits the bill for the theme behind this painting. And besides, every so often, I like to dress up. Sort of takes the monotony out of wearing my usual garbs, which are awesome, but don’t fit in with this¬†particular work.

Check out Salazar’s blog tomorrow for the super cool¬†round-up and see how everyone else interpreted this cool painting! Hope to see you there!



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