Okay, I seriously need to update the blog here as I haven’t done anything with it for some time, and after my summer hiatus, I haven’t done much posting, other than for SIA challenges. And since this is a blog about postcards, well, I need to perhaps actually POST some postcards on here, as that is the name of the blog, isn’t it? Yeah, I think it is.

Okay, enough satire here. Let’s take a look at some of my early postcards.

As you’ve probably noticed right away, these are not rotated the way that they should be. I’ve tried to position them so that they are right side up, but after messing with the images for about 5 minutes, I basically just gave up as I grew increasingly impatient (sometimes I really hate technology). So you’ll have to tilt your heads to the right to see them correctly.

Or if you’re on a laptop or iPhone, simply turn your device so that you can see them right side up. Simple. No one’s going to see this anyway most likely so who really cares? And yes, I’m feeling a little grumpy right now as my OCD kicks in and tells me to try to work and fix this some more, but I won’t listen.

But enough of all of that, let’s get to the postcards. These postcards I did about 2 years ago, back in 2014 and both depict scenes in real life that I saw. The one on the left is a scene from one of our metro parks (can’t remember which one, Nature Realm I think) and I snapped a picture with my iPod as I was walking along the path, trying to get new ideas for my newfound hobby of postcard making. And as you can probably see, it shows a lovely image of an open field with lots of trees and bushes. The paint is a little muddled I guess as I was just starting out with painting. Future postcards will be a bit more crisp as I improve my technique. But I have to say that I’m lovin’ that sky I did! It came out just right!

And the image on the right shows the apartment building that’s across the street from ours in mid summer. Again, the paint is sort of muddled (not to mention that my iPod cam sucks) but you get the general idea. We have a ton of trees out in this little grassy area in the back of our building and behind them, there’s a really busy street. And across from there is the other building. I was actually sitting outside on my balcony (8 floors high) when I did this one, so I was painting in real time, which is so different from painting from a photograph because the light is constantly changing. And you haven’t truly painted until you try painting something in real time, let me tell you.

One more thing to point out about the second postcard. Do you see that little red spot off to the side? That’s actually the tiny roof of a small steeple that’s part of a bank that’s near our place. It was hard to paint and I was trying to keep the scale right, but I failed miserably.

But there you have it folks. These are my earliest known postcards that I remember doing and is sort of how I got started on this whole postcard thing. Hey, everyone needs to start somewhere, right?

I hope to have more up soon of more recent ones I’ve done last year, as well as this one, and even some new ones that I have yet to paint.

And with that I say, adieu.


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