Hey everyone, welcome to another addition of SIA (Style Inspired by Art), hosted by the most excellent trio, Salazar, Jen and Erin! This week was Erin’s turn to choose a piece of art for the challenge and for this SIA, she chose the very cool street art, Brummel, done by an artist named POSE. You can read more about it as well as see it on her blog here: http://looplooks.net/2016/09/26/sia-strike-a-pose/.

Erin described this art very well; “colorful, abstract, and not taking itself too seriously”, as she directly states. I totally agree with her as the sort of epitome of street art is just that; abstract, colorful and just plain fun. And that’s just was POSE did with this art, located in Detroit.

And because street art sort of has that whole “fun” theme to it, I’ve decided to make my outfit for this SIA rather fun too. As you can see below, I’ve pulled out all of the stops and totally stepped out of my “comfort zone” by wearing my Super Mario t-shirt. I felt that it was the perfect match to go with this particular art as it is a “graphic T” and street art definitely fits into that category. That was my main theme that I was going for. But I can’t deny the various colors that match up well with the street art and my shirt. The blues found in the art go well with Mario’s blue overalls and eyes, the red goes well with my shirt itself, as well as Mario’s overalls shirt, and the heavy black outlines seen with the cloud image in the art is a great match up with the heavy dark outline of the iconic videogame character. And his gloves are white like the clouds.

So when I really think about it, this was really the perfect shirt to wear for this SIA! And of course, my blue jeans add to the whimsical works as I am not a jeans person. So I’ve really stepped outside the box for this one! I can only hope that for tomorrow’s round-up, everyone won’t think of me as being too juvenile!




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