Welcome to Post Card Purposes’ Thoughtful Thursdays, where you’ll find whimsical wit, wise words and wacky weather (courtesy of our state of Ohio) and other newsbytes right here.

So now, onto today’s headlines here in Akron,

One of our local suburbs, Bath Township, approves their 2017 budget by .2 percent, which is just over $12 million dollars. This increase will most likely help the town with services such as road repair, maintenance and other needed services there.

In other news, Akron’s zoo will be getting back into the holiday season this year after deciding to host their holiday light event after a 16 year hiatus. Those looking to get into the holiday spirit can look forward to this luminous light show on weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It will be a great way to warm people’s hearts with holiday cheer.

Speaking of warm, the hot weather that’s been plaguing our city will be sticking around this weekend, with temperatures hovering around the low 80s. The heat will certainly take its toll on your gardens and plants if they are not well cared for.

Ready for your riddle of the week?

“When does a storm not have rain, snow, thunder or lightning?”

And the answer is: When it’s a BRAIN STORM.

Witty, right?

And these are today’s events. And remember, “Concern yourself not with those that dislike you for no reason, but those that you have opened the door for with a malicious heart.”

This is Mike and that’s the way it is on Thoughtful Thursdays here on Post Card Purposes.



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