Hey everyone, it’s SIA time again and it’s Erin’s turn to curate this awesome challenge. This time it’s a beautiful piece by a community of women (yay!) in South Africa called Beadwork And The Art Of Independence, which is very appropriate with it being Independence Day here in the US. Apparently, there are several pieces that were done by these magnificent artists, but Erin chose the one called My Sea, My Sister, My Tears, which, before I even learned the name of it, guessed that it looked like a churning sea! Do I have a good eye or what? You can see this piece on Erin’s blog at: http://looplooks.net/2016/07/04/sia-independence/, or check out Salazar’s (14 Shades of Grey) and Jen’s (Librarian For Life and Style) blogs as well as they can tell you better than I, more about this awesome piece.

I have a couple of ideas as to how I want to interpret this piece into attire. I’ll see what I can come up with! And you can too next Monday on SIA Mondays!


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