To start this brief blog post, I decided on a new name for Fridays called “Free For All Fridays” rather than “Flexible Fridays”, as it sounds more fun and conveys the more randomness of how the posts are going to be on these days.

So, to put it bluntly, my day was crappy. It started off that way and I felt that it was just going to be a rather dismal day overall. Or so I thought. It got better as it progressed and one of the ways this happened is just what the title says; I focused on the plain and simple pleasures that life can bring. I felt great joy and satisfaction in helping a few of our customers at the library find what books that they were looking for. I enjoyed my lunchtime and the quiet moment I had there. I enjoyed my time at the coffee shop after work and my reading that I did there. And now, I shall enjoy a nice long three-day weekend (thank you Independence Day) and look forward to the anticipation of greatness that comes from appreciating the simple, often uncelebrated things in life. So I guess my day wasn’t so crappy after all. What are some of the plain and simple things that you appreciate in life? Leave a comment and share!


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