Hey everyone. Welcome to Treble Clef Tuesdays, the day I talk about music on the blog. And by the way, if anyone has a better name that I can use to describe Tuesdays, I’m open to suggestions. It seems to fit well when you say it (go on, try it) and the Treble Clef (sometimes referred to as a “G Clef”) has been around for centuries, at least since the origins of the Gregorian Chant around the 9th and 10th centuries.  My point in all of this is that it represents music, hence why I chose the name.

But enough of the musical history lesson. I’ll save that for next Tuesday, maybe. Originally I was going to talk about that in my first edition of Treble Clef Tuesdays. But as you can plainly see from the title of this post, I’ve changed that plan (Hey, I’m allowed to do that, right?).

And the reason for this is today, I watched the 1967 animated film The Jungle Book with a group of kids at work today. How cool is that in which I get paid for watching a movie, right? All I had to do was make sure that no one caused any trouble and to get a head count, which I really enjoyed doing since I love counting and numbers. That was it! Gotta love the children’s department of the library. 🙂

It was fun as I haven’t seen this movie in probably 20 years or more. And yet, I still remember many of the bouncy happy music scores that I heard while watching this when I was like 10 or 12. Have you ever noticed how well music sticks with you, even when you hear it when you are little? Even when you haven’t heard it for years and years, you never really forget how it sounds, especially if it’s a really catchy tune. I think my favorite song in the film is I Wanna Be Like You, with King Louie and his gang of monkeys.

Like I said, it was really fun to watch this again after so many years and a little bit uplifting to see all the little munchkins laughing and having a good time as I once did while watching it when I was their age. So it looks like I chalked up another positive memory for summer today and I can add this piece to the many others that have been shattered over the years. Thank you Jungle Book!

What movies do you all remember watching when you were little and what is it about them that helps you remember them?

Any thoughts shared would be appreciated!


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