Good day everyone. In keeping in congruency with that of my fellow bloggers who introduced me to this very cool idea of Style Inspired by Art (SIA), I’ve decided to not to call Mondays “Musical Mondays”, as I originally planned to do. Instead, I am going to reserve this day strictly for SIA purposes and move my music posts to Tuesdays and call them “Treble Clef Tuesdays”, or something. Who knows? I may end up changing that name, but for now, it stays.

Anyway, onto SIA.

As I stated above, SIA stands for Style Inspired by Art and was started by Salazar from, Jen from, and Jess from, who has recently stepped down from SIA. But curating in her stead is Erin from, and she is doing a fantastic job! I started participating last year and have been in nearly every SIA posting ever since. It’s a lot of fun for me and I am always so grateful for the warm welcomes I received from everyone and their continued allowance of my participation in each project. Thanks again everyone!

So this week’s SIA was chosen by Jen and it’s called The Home Coming by Bertha Lum. You can read more about her wonderful woodprint on Jen’s blog, And for my SIA interpretation, I’ve just chosen my simple tan-colored polo shirt and a pair of blue jeans to match the color of the print. I don’t really care for jeans too much (unless they’re black) as I generally like just regular pants, even for casual occasions. But I felt that they best represented the rather faint bluish gray that the bridge is done in. And of course, the shirt matches the background pretty well also. So pretty simple attire. But it’s the bonus feature that I added to my photo that I think really makes this SIA shine. I felt compelled to paint one of my postcards to go alone with my interpretation as reading about Jen’s story of why she chose this particular work really touched me. So I painted this rather simple looking bridge, threw some water, grass and a sky in, and voilà! Instant postcard! Actually, I think that this is one of my better ones, though I need to work on my technique a little bit to really make it stand out. Still, not too bad for a first time of painting a bridge!

Be sure to check out Jen’s blog this Wednesday to see the round-up and view how everyone else interpreted this piece of work (Lum’s, not mine)! It should be fab!

SIA - The Home Coming 1SIA - The Home Coming 2

Postcard - Bridge.JPG


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