Happy Friday to you dear readers! Here’s hoping that everyone has a restful and relaxing weekend ahead. I know that I’m ready for it after the busy week I had. My week has been a total roller coaster ride, which is to say that it was filled with much anxiety and tumult as I absolutely HATE roller coasters. All of those g-forces playing against you and that feeling of weightlessness as you take that first drop… no thanks!

But I digress…

So I’m calling Fridays, “Flexible Fridays” (name subject to change) because this will be the “anything goes” kind of post where I talk about anything. And what comes to mind the best right now is my Friday evening routine, visiting my local coffee shop with my co-worker friend and we sit and talk, enjoy a little coffee, read and sometimes do art (where I usually make my postcards, which you will see later on).

Tonight I opted to do a little reading, as you can see, and I am working on a book that’s part of a trilogy series called The Taj Mahal, written by Indu Sundaresan. I’ve read her first two books, The Twentieth Wife and The Feast Of Roses respectively, and now I am on the third book called Shadow Princess.

You will be hearing more about the books when I come to do book reviews, which will happen the last day of each month (unless I decide to change it for whatever reason). My friend Salazar, who encouraged and gave me the awesome idea to start my own blog, also hosts book reviews on her blog, 14 Shades of Grey, the second to last (sometimes last) Wednesday of each month, so you can see my reviews over there as well.

Nothing else to say for this post other than that I wish everyone a happy and safe weekend. And to top it off, here are some pics of our coffee shop that I visit every Friday. Enjoy!

Angel Falls 1Angel Falls 2Angel Falls 3


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