Welcome to the very first edition (Official posting) of Post Card Purposes! Today is Thursday, which I will call “Thoughtful Thursdays” here on my blog, and today provides me a great opportunity to share wit, weather and other wacky and whimsical newsbytes that are happening here in my fair city.

So without further delay, let’s get to it!

Today’s main event happening in Akron is the big return of our town ‘hero’, if you will, LeBron James, after he and his basketball team won a championship game for our city last Sunday, which hasn’t happened in 52 years! Talk about a long awaited victory! Everyone was gathered about in our downtown area to celebrate this historic event. I, on the other hand, was on my way home after a very hot and muggy afternoon of working. 😉

Speaking of weather, the weekend is looking quite warm, with temps well into the 90s with little to no chance of rain. A nice cold glass of ice water will be your best friend if you are traveling outdoors.

Ready for your riddle of the week?

“What kind of bank makes deposits but has no money?”

And the answer is:



So that’s today’s report. And remember, “The only thing worse than giving up is not trying in the first place.”

This is Mike, and that’s the way it is on Post Card Purposes. See you all next Thursday for more wacky, whimsical news, another riddle and a wise quote for your weekend!



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