Well, here I go, trying my luck at writing a blog, my first one. It feels intimidating but invigorating, terrifying but tremendous, alarming but alleviating; okay, you get the picture.

Well, I don’t know how well I’ll do at this, or even how long it will last, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see and will enjoy the process. Hope that you all that are reading this will want to join me in my fun and exciting journey! And so it begins!


4 thoughts on “And So It Has Begun…

    1. Thanks so much Salazar for joining! Yay! It’s so cool having all of my friends here to help me celebrate my new blog! This is a big new step for me (it is the year of the brave after all, my own personal goal for 2016).
      And it’s okay as I know that you are quite busy! Just stop by whenever you can.

      I actually have an idea for a first “real” post that I will try to publish either today or tomorrow and it’s something that all of us can relate to as we all type and use computers. Hope you’ll get to check it out!

      And thank you for your compliment! I think the background fits for me. I’m editing and tweaking the blog everyday so that it can be as nice looking as yours!

      See you here later! Look for my next post to come soon!


    1. Thanks so much for following my blog Allison! It’s AWESOME having you here! Wow… it’s so different being on the OTHER side of a blog!
      It will take some getting use to! I have sort of a tentative plan as to what I want to do, but I have nothing real solid yet. I’ll keep at it until I find what works for me! It’s the year of the brave for me so this is yet another step I’m taking in being brave and ambitious.

      I also customized it a little bit; made it a bit more prettier and appealing to the eye. Hope you like it!

      YAY!!! So wonderful having you here!! 🙂


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